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W Line Illuminators
Carr Corporation

Our Most Popular Configuration, Precision
Engineered, Lifetime Guaranteed Film Grip

General Description
The Carr W line incorporates all the most popular configuration choices in one illuminator line. It meets all applicable standards including ACR, MIL Spec. The very thin profile protrudes only 3.75" and can be recessed into the most narrow walls. To prevent inadequate light diffusion in such a thin housing, each section is equipped with no less than four 15 watt fluorescent bulbs. Featured is the patented adjustable roller film grip that carries a lifetime guarantee to hold film properly. It easily adjusts more or less firm for a smooth, positive hold. No more film dropping out because of worn or out of tolerance grips. Options include cords, film activation, master switches, dimmers, tilted lower tiers, low leakage ballasts. See Illuminator Accessories sheet for details.

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  • Bulbs


Four 15 watt bulbs per section.

  • Housing
Thinline 3.75" thickness.
  • Mounting
Surface or recess.
  • Trim
Stainless steel.
  • Features:

Lifetime guaranteed adjustable tension roller film grip.

Even illumination pattern.

Lens removal without tools.

Convection cooling system.

Removable partitions.

Welded construction, white powder coated.

Any length made with a continuous lens.

Large, easy to use rocker switches.

Trigger / rapid start ballasts.

  • Optional
Low leakage ballasts.
Master switches.
Tilted lower tiers.
Film activation.
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