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Lighted Information Signs
Carr Corporation

Lighted Information Signs: Darkroom In Use

Units can be ceiling mounted.

Lighted Information Signs: X-Ray On

Units can be end mounted.

Lighted Information Signs: Darkroom In Use

Units can be mounted on the wall.

These units provide clear, illuminated displays of important information. Units can be connected to any 120 volt electrical circuit to illuminate manually or automatically at critical moments. Numerous standard messages are available. Custom messages can be done to meet your specific requirements. Messages are presented on both sides.

Units can be wall mounted, wall mounted on it's end, ceiling mounted or when option LWSCS-1 is ordered, ceiling suspended as well. The attractively designed unit is finished in white powder coating and is 11" wide, 7" high and 2 1/2" deep.

Model Description
LWS-1 "X-Ray On" sign
LWS-2 "Darkroom In Use" sign
LWS-3 "CT In Use" sign
LWS-4 "MRI In Use" sign
LWS-6 Lighted sign with custom message
LWSCS-1 Ceiling suspension components


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