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E Line Illuminators
Carr Corporation

Infinitely Adaptable To Any Preference.
Precision Engineered. Lifetime Guaranteed Film Grip

General Description
The Carr E line has become the radiologist's illuminator of choice because of it's advanced features and precision engineering. It is also popular because it is simple to tailor to one's exact preferences. Every aspect can be "dialed in" using Carr's six step specification process. Since 1946, Carr has accrued vast experience satisfying the needs of the most prominent institutions from around the world. Applying that expertise to your institution helps insure complete satisfaction with this important diagnostic tool.

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  • Bulbs:


1 Circline or 2, 3 or 4 straight bulbs per section.

  • Housing:
Regular (4.75") or thinline (3.75") thickness.
  • Mounting:
Surface or recess.
  • Trim:
Painted or stainless steel.
  • Features:
Lifetime guaranteed adjustable tension roller film grip.

Even illumination pattern.

Lens removal without tools.

Convection cooling system.

Removable partitions.

Welded construction, powder coated finish.

Any length made with a continuous lens.

Large, easy to use rocker switches.

Rapid start electronic ballasts.*
  • Optional
Low leakage ballasts.
Master switches.
Tilted lower tiers.
Film activation.
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