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Carr Corporation
  • Rugged and reliable

  • Manual or automatic lock

  • Seven sizes

  • With or without lead lining

Carr passboxes are built with a special emphasis on ruggedness and reliability. The entire production process utilizes only the strongest materials and time proven construction techniques.

Seven sizes are available with either automatic or manual interlock. With the automatic system, when one door is opened, the door on the other side is automatically locked. The manual system does the same, except a manual push rod is engaged before turning the handle. When required, internal lead lining covers the entire cabinet.
Options include filtered signal lights to indicate the presence of cassettes in a compartment, voice passages for communication between dark and light rooms and rough-in frames for quick and accurate installation. Wall flanges provide a total light seal and a finished appearance.

Passbox Specifications / Features:
  • Seven sizes with manual or automatic interlock
  • Heavy gauge steel, double wall construction
  • All joints welded and smoothed
  • 1/16" (1.5mm) or 1/8" (3.0mm) lead lining available. 1/4" (6.0) available on request
  • Full length piano door hinges
  • Interior floors surface with Pionite and edged in stainless steel
  • Separate compartments labeled "Exposed" and "unexposed"
  • Finished in high gloss tan baked enamel with stainless steel trim

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Small Size
Regular Size
Medium Size
Large Size
Vertical Double Size
Horizontal Double Size
Puck Changer Size
Rough-In Frame
Wall Flange
Signal System
Voice Passage

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