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Base Film Bins
Carr Corporation

Carr film bins feature light traps, full length door piano hinges, a counter balanced door and six equal film divisions with removable risers. Units are completely heli-arc welded and ground and are either tan baked enamel with stainless steel trim or all stainless steel. An optional limit switch extinguishes white darkroom lights should the door be accidentally opened. Overall size: 18" or 22" wide, 33" high, 15" deep. Optional bases: 3" high.

Model Description
4423P 18" painted film bin
4423SS 18" stainless film bin
4424P 22" painted film bin
4424SS 22" stainless film bin
4423B Base for 4423P
4423BS Base for 4423SS
4424B Base for 4424P
4424BS Base for 4424SS
4425SW Limit switch
4423LD Wood grain door laminate for 4423P
4424LD Wood grain door laminate for 4424P
4423L 1/16" lead lining for 4423P and 4423SS
4424L 1/16" lead lining for 4424P and 4424SS

Carr Corporation manufactures medical accessories, x-ray accessories, x-ray illuminators, stainless steel surgical cabinets, stainless steel lab casework, specimen pass throughs, narcotics lockers, lead shields, lead lined window frames, shelving, film bins, film files. cassette passboxes, darkroom cabinets, charting stations, apron & glove racks, lighted information signs, chart racks, ID Printers.
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